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Turkey Lurky Turkey Doo

SO we decided to fore go any pending turkey disaster and I baked our turkey.
I would hate to have my patio turn out like this...
So I just plain ol' baked it and it turned out fabulous. I have no idea what I did. I didn't try very hard this year. Every year that I try to make it just perfect I think that I overdo it and ruinit somehow! My hubby says that as long as he has corn bread stuff he doesn't care.......

And the kids liked it too! Yippee!


I have been slacking over here so I would like to share a recipe and an award that I won from Kaitlin in The Kitchen. She is this super sweet girl that has a great Recipe blog! Thanks Kaitlin!!!!
Puppy Chow

4 1/2 cups Rice Chex
4 1/2 cups Corn Chex
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup butter (must be butter not the fake stuff
2 cups chocolate chips (12 oz. bag)
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 cup powdered sugar
Measure out the Chex cereal into a large bowl, set aside.
Measure out the powdered sugar in a large plastic bag, set aside.
In a large saucepan melt the chocolate chips (milk, semi-sweet or dark - your preference), peanut butter and butter together over low heat.
After everything is melted together and very smooth add the vanilla - mix well.
Pour the melted chocolate mixture over the Chex. Stir together well, making sure that all the pieces of Chex are covered in the melted chocolate.
Pour the Chex mixture into the plastic bag with powdered sugar in it. Close bag & shake well until all the Chex pieces are coated in a layer of powdered sugar (can use more powdered sugar if you like).
Pour into a bowl & enjoy!